In Uganda, people with HIV/AIDS are unnecessarily dying because of a lack of access to ARV treatment. Restricted access to medication has already proven true in all places where the government have implemented lockdowns to contain the spread of the virus.

Living with HIV under lockdown

Life under lockdown is especially difficult for people living with HIV including all those under our care.

Due to lack of access to public transport, it makes it hard for the patients to get their drugs on time. Because of this, we decided to go pick medicines in order to ease necessary treatment — to provide patients with at least two months’ supplies of their drugs direct to their homes until the crisis passes.

We use phone calls and weekly follow-ups to support adherence to drugs and to give guidance on how to properly use drugs in appropriate time and to manage its side effects (if any). So, we have managed to reach Patients from different communities in Mityana District and nearby districts like Mubende and Kassanda.
We are sure that at least these people are now safe with their health till next 2 months.


Sometimes we face Poor roads and fuel as our challenges due to long distances from one patient to another and this affects our target of reaching more than 300 people a month, providing them with drugs, food and other basic needs.


The Drug delivery program is to operate till the end of the Lock down, but our normal care, follow-ups, and routine drug delivering to most vulnerable people will remain the same and it is to continue as usual.

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