Karamoja Mission

Karamoja is a sub region which consists of seven districts in northeastern Uganda (Nakapiripirit, Kotido, Moroto, Abim, Napak, Amudat and Kaabong). Life is hard one of the world’s poorest areas, with high rates of malnutrition already limited resources and development in Karamoja through recurring droughts, flash floods and prolonged dry spells leaving communities with no food, citizens have not attained any formal education and their health system is very poor.

How Karamoja came into our mind?

“For a while, we have been receiving invitations from the District telling us that the community had a need for church. On 20th February 2020, the team accepted and the journey took  us about 15 hours from Mityana, Uganda.

For two days 21st – 22nd, we trained 22 church and Sunday school teachers and each of them used at their churches.. for the citizens in this region and it is known and climate malnutrition. Climate variability and change undermine the unities increased rates of malnutrition and poverty. The majority of because of limited access to nearby schools, poor infrastructure.

The People of Karamoja

These people are lovely, friendly and eager to learn which simplified our mission as trainers. Besides leadership training, there happened some medical emergencies which led us offer medical help. Each day, we ended the training at 2:00 pm. As we were curious to know more about the community, relationship building and outdoor preaching, after training in the evening we asked people to take us deep in villages so that we do evangelism as well as getting to know more about their culture.

On Friday 21st, we managed to visit the fist village called “Nagolopoe”, the community welcomed us with big smiles and other welcoming words in their Local language, we taught them bible story about creation and gave out soap together with a few other supplies.

Their lovely welcome made us feel at home. The following day, we went to another place one of the poorest villages in the world. A visit to this village was Soul touching insecure, unemployment is above the national average and the vast majority of children live in poor families, the village is called Nakapelimoru; this village is known as one of the touching, 80% of the households there lack  food. The community seriously lacks Clean Water and food. Rainfall in Kotido district comes as a blessing, and it lasts for about five months. Lack of clothes is another issue; it’s not rare to find someone walking comfortably naked.

A child cannot learn without the right environment. Children who can manage schools in Kotido town are often squeezed into overcrowded classrooms, classrooms that are falling apart, or are learning outside under tree shades. They also lack textbooks, shoes, school supplies, and other tools they need to excel.

Clean water cannot be easily accessed Poor sanitation is also an issue. Many of these children don’t go to school due to lack of School fees, Learning materials, Clothes and shoes. Teenage pregnancy has a tremendous impact on the educational, social and economic lives of young people and it’s common to find a teenage mother. Teenage Pregnancy is common in this village Nakapelimoru touched our hearts; we learnt that it is a virgin place for the ministry. Many people of Karamoja have no idea that Jesus came to bring them new life, they were excited to see the Bible story books we were using for the training, Majority can’t read neither writes; therefore bible story telling is the best approach.

While going to Nakapelimoru, We bought some basic materials like soap but their number was bigger than our expectation and the demand was higher. We gave candies to kids and distributed soap to each family; we made sure we teach them about sanitation and hygiene so that they live a healthy life. Sorghum is the only easy food to get for survival. Though our main target was Church Leadership training in Kotido town, the need we found in deep villages caught our attention! Not only soap, they need a lot!! Soap distribution and teaching about Sanitation.

One of the Shelter for a family of five people Shoes seen as a Miracle. The situation touched our hearts; so we decided set ourselves so that we go back in summer with a medical and evangelical team. So we are collecting things that can be useful to them like Clothes, Shoes, Scholastic materials, Sanitary Pads and towels, Medicines to be used during that noble service which is both life transforming and kingdom building. Would you be part?

On Sunday 23rd, Daniel preached on “Having confidence in Christ”, he encouraged them to rely on the holy spirit as a great teacher and believing God to bring transformation in their area. John led the youth wing shared challenges facing youths and ways to overcome them while William led Sunday school, from the books we delivered; he taught a story of creation as Kevin captures everything taking place with a camera, he took good photos and short videos. It was an amazing team. John shared ideas with youths William’s teachings was interesting.
Building relationships through compassionate medical services, we believe that every life matters and the every soul counts. We focus on demonstrating Jesus’ love through kindness and care for those he has placed in our way. We routinely witness to those we care for about what Christ did for us on the cross. We had two lovely ladies came to know Christ through this amazing work, one from the community and the other at the clinic.

Please continue lifting this work in prayers and with your physical support!

Whom should I Contact?

Drop us a mail at info@smileofhopeministries.org